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02:12 pm: Rebroadcasted from Myspace...
To lesson plan or not to lesson plan...
that is the question...

I just finished having my new favorite snack, graham crackers with cool whip. It's absolutely delicious. I get the low fat whip and low fat crackers to make sure I don't become a total hog.

Lisa and I had a new creation in lunches yesterday. It's called a pizza bowl. It was impressingly delicious. I need to get another one very soon. I could get addicted to them. Yum yum... LOL normally it would be aggravating if I read someone's blog and they wrote "yum yum" so I had to check if I could annoy myself. I certainly did. :)

My current dilemma is as follows: Why am I so moody? I can't seem to find the cause. Veronica says it's because I'm a woman and/or closeted transgender but I think the transgender part is pushing it. Maybe I do have a period I just haven't figured out exactly when it occurs. Any answers, please share.

I'm going to lesson plan, or at least that's what I plan to do. Until next time...

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Don't Think I'm Not - Kandi
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